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It is typical that the curl for most hairpiece products is created post-production. This means that the cap is prepared, the hair is ventilated into base, then the hair system is curled and styled.


Have you ever wondered why wigmakers prefer to ventilate using STRAIGHT hair instead of CURLY (or KINKY)?


We will list two important reasons :

(1) Curly hair is harder to knot and makes production more difficult. The increased ventilating time will raise the labor cost and the overall cost of the completed hair system.

(2) The curl won’t look as good as it did prior to ventilation. The curl may get stretched, turned in the wrong direction and the knot may even be applied to the wrong area of the curl base. In short, the curl won’t look as good as it did before.


You will achieve a distinct and more defined look when the hair is curled post-production.



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